OConnect CTA - Call to Action feature

CTA - Call to Action

The Call to action (CTA) feature will already be known to many and is a simple, yet very powerful tool. It is basically just a prompt or a reminder on a webpage, online session, or especially a Webinar or Video Conference, that invites the user to take some specific action, often at a certain defined time in a process.

This is usually in the form of a button or a link that should be clicked. The action word or phrase can vary, but often along the lines of “Sign up today”, “get further information” , “Buy now” . or even “view our special offers” , “download our Apps” , “ View the product range” etc. There are countless CTA's, depending on your chosen product, service or objective.

The real power of call to action, or CTA, is often due to the real time, "sense & feel of urgency", as the CTA can be set to display exactly at the same time as the speaker is delivering the key message, or at a chosen time as other information is seen on the screen.

The OConnect Webinar platform is equipped with an effective CTA function

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