OConnect Webinar Polling

OConnect Webinar Polling

What is Webinar Polling?

Using the OConnect polling feature, is a very effective way to get spur of the moment reaction from your online audience and more meaningful insites into their goals and requirements. You can launch a poll session during your webinar and gather the responses from your participants. 

Polling is a very powerful tool, because you can obtain all kinds of useful data and feedback from your attendees in real time. You can also hold more than one poll during your webinar session if required, to cover each item on your agenda.

Use this feature most effectively, by creating at least some of the questions in advance, before the webinar commences.There may well be others that also emerge during the webinar, depending on the direction that is goes.

Polling is easy and intuitive for your attendees. You will also be able to download a full report of the polling activity after the webinar.


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